FAQs about the Web Design Farm process

How does the Web Design Farm process work?
At Web Design Farm we follow a proven process for each project
  • Meet with the prospective client
  • Review current website
  • Establish timeline for completion of the project
  • Determine updated site map
  • Recommend a theme
  • Choose and install a theme
  • Set up functionality through menu(s) navigation, pages, sidebars and the footer
  • Load and edit all content, stylizing elements with short codes, animations, toggles, accordions, sliders, etc.
  • Write new content that is needed
  • Review final website with client
  • Launch website
  • Train clients
  • Perform maintenance if requested (optional)
How long does it take for Web Design Farm to finish a project?

The timeline for a client’s project depends on the complexity and size of the project. This includes the number of pages, type of design, the functionality of the website and amount of customization necessary. Usually Web Design Farm can create a Basic project website within two to three weeks. Early in the Web Design Farm process, clients will receive a timeline for the project.

What can a client do after two hours of training?

The Basic project includes 2 hours of training on how to use WordPress to edit the site. You will learn how to add photos and videos to pages; how to edit your content (text, sliders, banners, etc.) and how to change menus, footers and sidebars. This training covers about 90% of the typical edits you might want to make.

But if you prefer, we can take care of all your edits with a low cost maintenance program. Our normal support plan costs $150 per month, which covers up to 15 content edits per month and software updates on your server to the WordPress application and your plugins.

How does a client maintain the website post-launch?

There are two components to maintaining your site after it launches.

1. Content Editing: After we train you, editing your content involves logging into the “backend” of the WordPress site. This backend dashboard is where you can edit just about every part of your site. You will be able to edit pages, posts, photos and other basic content. More advanced changes might involve some support from Web Design Farm. We can either teach you how to do more advanced editing, or take care of it for you. Many clients don’t do advanced editing often enough to warrant doing it themselves – so we take care of it. Others prefer to have this control in-house.

2. Software Updates; After your site launches, you will need to regularly update the WordPress application, and any of the plug ins that your site is using. These updates are released (for free by their developers) in response to new web technology and security threats that occasionally appear. If you don’t update WordPress and your plug ins, you run the risk of parts of your site functionality breaking, or hackers gaining access to your site and further breaking it. It is recommended (but not a requirement) that our WordPress developer do these updates (usually 15-30 minutes), because occasionally there is a conflict between a new version of WordPress and one of the third party plug ins that you are running. So while you can press the “update” button in the WordPress dashboard to automatically download and install new versions of WordPress and plug ins, occasionally that will create a conflict that a developer needs to fix. And in rare cases, updating a very old version of WordPress will modify your data in such a way as to require that your site be restored from a backup. In those cases of breakage, a developer will be required to get things running again.

Maintenance Plans:
If you would like a regular maintenance program to handle both content editing and application updates on your server, typically, our monthly plan may handle everything you need. See the next question below for details.

Does Web Design Farm provide post-launch maintenance support?

Web Design Farm provides post-launch maintenance of your website under the following program. More advanced support, or higher frequency editing (such as posting weekly newsletters or blog posts) can be quoted on request.

Basic Support: $175/month for a 12-month term, includes any combination of content edits or software updates that add up to 12 support events per month.

For example, each of the following would be considered a Basic Support event:

  • Revise the contact page
  • Change a submission form
  • Post a blog entry
  • Add a photo or photos to a page
  • Add a page of supplied text plus image
  • Revise the menu
  • Revise the footer
  • Change one of the home page main images
  • Add a press release
  • Update WordPress core application
  • Update a plugin
  • Change colors or fonts
  • Add social icon or integrate social content

The following are considered Advanced Support items, and would be quoted separately:

  • Installing and configuring a new plugin
  • Setting up e-commerce
  • Building and integrating a newsletter
  • Custom functionality
  • Integration with external web service, such as CRM, fulfillment, Affiliates, etc.
Are there any hidden fees or costs associated with Web Design Farm’s pricing packages?

No! Not with Web Design Farm. All aspects of a client’s website is discussed with the client prior to the written contract and project start. The contract will explain exactly what costs are charged, and for what services.  Website design is a one-time charge, not an ongoing payment. However, Web Design Farm does provide a Basic Support maintenance package for those clients that want post-launch support for the website.

Does Web Design Farm work with clients not in the surrounding Wilton, CT area?

Yes! We use Skype and Join.me for screen sharing during the initial meeting with a client, and this works very well.  Ongoing project communication is through email, Skype and as needed, screen sharing. Websites can be effectively created, designed and maintained from anywhere in the world.  Web Design Farm works with clients in any geography through online and offline communication.

How will my website look on mobile devices?

It will look great on mobile devices! We will build your site to be “responsive.” A mobile responsive site looks correct on all device types. It is the single most important requirement of any new website, because the percentage of site traffic from mobile (phones) is nearly 50% now.

What is “responsive?” Responsive sites redraw the layout of your site pages to appear correct for any browser width. To test a website for responsiveness, either visit it from a phone browser, or from a desktop computer: just drag your browser to a very narrow width, simulating the width of a phone screen. A responsive site will shuffle its content around by stacking elements vertically, and maintaining correct font sizes, instead of scaling everything to look small. The Web Design Farm website is responsive, so try this on our site and you’ll see responsiveness in action.

Are your websites SEO friendly?

Yes! SEO is a major requirement for a modern website. All of our themes and projects are SEO ready, and include the powerful Yoast SEO plug in, which automatically creates the tags that search engines need to rank your site higher.

As part of our Basic project, we configure the following:

  • Install your Google Analytics code
  • Webmaster Tools integration
  • Submission to three search engines
  • XML site map generation

Fixed Price Website

Our pricing for your project is fixed once your project has been defined. No surprises, no extra charges, just the flat fee that we all agreed to.


Mobile Responsive

Your WordPress Site Is SEO Ready