webdesign-newpondfarm-slider 1920Web Design Farm is the high quality, low cost alternative to web site building.

After spending 15 years building complex WordPress and Magento themes (which we still do for some larger brands and unique applications), we know there is a better way for most small and medium size businesses.

We have spent extensive time testing, customizing and building with commercial themes that are highly configurable. We can get more results, in less time, at lower cost, using the right theme for a client.

Web Design Farm is a service of Imagemark, LLC, in Wilton, Connecticut. We are a small group of highly motivated, easygoing, super efficient people that love building web sites for companies. Our favorite projects transform older sites into a web presence that instantly catapult companies into better brands, generating more leads, and selling more products and services.

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Why Web Design Farm?

There are many reasons why a web design shop is the right fit for an organization. Here is why we might be the right company for your project:


  • Skills: we bring 3 different resources to each project: graphic design, developer, and information architect/content loader. Houses shouldn’t be built by one person; same goes for websites.
  • Confidence: hiring an individual may be a bit less expensive, but the end result will be one dimensional.
  • Efficiency: Dividing the project up among experts in each discipline is faster, and the work is better.
  • Peace of mind: If your single developer is out of action, you are scrambling to find a replacement, locate critical login info, and transfer knowledge to the next person. With WDF, that’s our problem. Hiring an agency provides redundancy and backup for support after the launch.
  • Quality: At the end of the project, your new web presence will tell your brand story to every customer. Know that every aspect of your site was thought about by smart marketers – we speak your language, identify with your customers, and know how to communicate in this medium.

A team of 3 specialists are dedicated to your project.

  • Information Architecture 100%
  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Software Development 100%

Typical Project Length (in days)

Meet A Team Member

Meet A Team Member

Information Architect

Adam Pemberton is the Founder, and Information Architect at Web Design Farm. Adam has built and managed top interactive teams in the course of 20 years in senior media, publishing and agency roles. As former President and CEO of Online, Inc, a b2b media company, he led a team of 40 employees to develop new content and e-media technologies. Adam has directed over 50 interactive projects for brands such as E.J. Gallo, Boston University, Yale Cancer Center, GU Energy, Crane Co., Nautica, Marc Ecko, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies. He specializes in innovating and executing digital content strategies, activating user engagement, and information architecture. Adam holds patents in computer storage technologies, and has launched and sold multiple media and technology companies.