Congratulations! Your web site is now live! … But wait, is that it?!

Maintenance is essential to keep your website working and up-to-date. It needs constant attention and nurturing.

There is a lot of work that goes into creating highly appealing and functional websites. And the work does not end for you or your website designer when the site is launched.

It is never all systems go. There will always be room and opportunity for improvement. You need to keep your users engaged and coming back for new and relevant information.

Below are the top four reasons why you need post-launch support from your website designer.rocket-launch-67643_1280

1. Stay fresh.

Keep your content current. Add new blog posts. Create new pages. Adjust a homepage slider. Whatever it is, your website’s appeal needs to continue to improve through new and custom functionality.

2. Update everything.

Your CMS. Your themes. Your plug-ins. Whatever you have for your backend and whatever you put on it, there will always be pending and necessary updates.

3. Squash bugs.

Hackers crawl the Internet for weak and unsuspicious victims. Keep your website bug-free.

4. Analyze progress.

Hopefully you set up systems in place (like Google Analytics and SEO) to track metrics and increase visibility on the Internet. You must know your traffic sources. You must understand the user experience analysis.

The Internet is in a constant state of changing. Keep up. Always be ready and capable to evolve with the world around it. Using a website designer’s post-launch program will help your system go!