Four Keys to Picking the Perfect Theme for Your Website

WordPress is the top content management system (CMS). With the thousands of themes out there, it can be overwhelming, frustrating and downright confusing.

Do you just go with the really pretty theme on the demo? How about that theme with the fancy name? Or the one that looks super easy to use?

Definitely NOT!

Here are four keys that will help you to pick the perfect theme for your WordPress site.

Identify the Purpose of Your Website

First, define what you want and what you need for your website. What is the purpose? There are many categories… business, eCommerce, multimedia driven, magazine or newspaper, personal, portfolio showcase, or maybe you just want a simple blog to share your thoughts and experiences.

Whatever the purpose of the site is it is essential that you are clear on what the website is for to pick the right theme that will match your contents.

Recognize the Functionality of Your Website

This next step is just as crucial as the first one. Your answer will correspond with your website’s purpose.

For example, does it need to have a membership or maybe an eCommerce functionality? A membership site is used to protect certain pages and contents exclusive for your members and subscribers and an eCommerce site is used for selling products.

Compare Back-end Features and User-Friendliness

Now that you have identified the purpose of the site and the functionality you want, you should take figure out the back-end. Unfortunately, with most themes you won’t know how the dashboard looks and how easy it is to use until you install the theme.

The important features you should think about are page layouts and theme options. Does it use Page Builder or Visual Composer? Are there many global theme options or will you need to figure out a lot of CSS code?

Don’t get caught up on free themes. They are okay to use if you are starting small and simple, but are limited with features. However, if you want a theme with more flexibility and more options, you should use a purchased commercial or premium theme. The best advantage of premium themes is that you get lifetime support with a one-time fee!

Decide on Front-End Design

The front end is what the user sees after you spend hours creating masterpieces in your back end. Some things to think about are browser compatibility, navigation and responsiveness.

Does your website translate properly across all web browsers? Is the website navigation intuitive and display the menu the way you want it? Is your website going to be mobile responsive? This one is highly important because now with the increasing innovation in technology, websites are mostly viewed on mobile and tablet devices.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of themes out there, but don’t always just go for the one that looks good on the demo. Do your research. Check out the support for the theme. Read the ratings and forum boards.

And don’t forget, you can always switch to a different theme.